American Association of Individual Investors
AAII, the leading investor educational association, gives members the tools and information necessary to become better money managers.

A recent member survey revealed the following AAII member profile:
Average member age: 63; 93% Male; 64% retired; Average annual gross income $125,500; Average investment portfolio value of $1,420,350.

Membership includes the AAII Journal, Shadow Stock Coverage, local chapter membership, a year-end tax strategy guide, quoteline phone services, mutual fund information, surveys, no annual fee credit cards, money market bank accounts, and access to the AAII website.

No Load Fund Investor

The No-Load Fund Investor, edited by Mark Salzinger, is a comprehensive newsletter that tracks over 971 no-load and low-load funds, as well as hundreds of exchange traded funds. Each issue gives comparative reports of each fund’s performance based on original research. The publication also provides specific fund recommendations for each stage of an investor's life.